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07 Nov

Xactware Receives Sustainable Building Award

Xactware corporate headquarters received a Sustainable Building award during Utah Business’ Sustainable Business Awards.

The Xactware corporate headquarters was built with energy efficiency and resource conservation in mind. During construction the site included an underground water-detention system to minimize the amount of precipitation that was prevented by construction from being able to reenter the ground.

Now that construction is complete, the design of the site reduces the amount of runoff water and allows storm water runoff to pass through a treatment row to remove sediment and debris before it enters groundwater. The LEED Silver-certified building also includes low-water exterior landscaping, and a site drainage system that recharges groundwater.

The Xactware building has a heating and cooling system that preserves energy by allowing zones with different thermal loads to exchange heating or cooling among them rather than generating capacity for each area independently.

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