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Project Weber County Sheriff’s Complex
Owner Weber County

Project Size

170,000 sq ft

Project Dates

20 months

Project Location

721 West 12th Street Ogden, UT
Weber County

“I highly recommend Big D Construction for any project where quality and cost requiring a time effort is required.”

– Brad W. Slater, Weber County Sheriff

Project Description

Weber County Sheriff’s new 170,000-square-foot complex houses a new correctional facility and sheriff’s offices. The new complex consolidates all divisions within the Sheriff’s Office. Designed to promote more efficient communication, teamwork and incident response, the complex also offers a more positive environment for citizens who conduct business with the Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Office includes administrative services, training rooms, a sally port, inmate booking, a laundry facility and a 911 call center. The medium/maximum security correction facility is capable of processing a total of 888 inmates in 204 cells and 40 dorm units, with processing, administration, food service and special programs. The complex features four two-level “pods” and allows for the future addition of four more pod units. Each pod contains six housing units and each housing unit may hold 32 or 48 inmates.

The exterior walls of the facility are tilt-up concrete construction and the interior bearing walls are concrete and masonry. Precast modular cell units were fabricated by Rotondo Precast at AMCOR’s Ogden Plant.

The water level during construction was 2’-9” below native grade. The 36.74-acre site was preloaded with nine feet of soil (over five weeks) to compact loose subsoil.

Big-D, using efficient value engineering methodology, was able to save $1.6 million from the project’s original budget and program. In addition, the facility was built for only a 37% cost-per-bed when compared to the newly completed Salt Lake County Jail. Costs were kept down by the nature of the design and by going through value engineering procedures.