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Project University of Utah Sugar House Health Clinic
Owner University of Utah Health

Project Size

170,000 sq. ft.

Project Dates

25 months

Project Location

Salt Lake City, Utah
University of Utah Health

Project Description

The University of Utah Health network provides health services across the State of Utah. Its main location at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City provides a number of services and access to some of the best physicians and researchers in the nation. As the population of Utah continues to grow, so does the need for healthcare. To accommodate the growing need, the U of U Health and Big-D Construction built a new 5-story health clinic in the community of Sugar House.

The new medical office building offers patient’s world-class services including family medicine, internal medicine, cardiac care, and women’s services.

The medical office building incorporates the latest energy saving systems; rain-screen exteriors that place the insulation outside of the studs coupled with a continuous air barrier that seals up the envelope from air infiltration. LED lighting systems will be electronically managed to take full advantage of natural daylighting and mechanical systems utilize a combination of evaporative cooling, natural ventilation, and traditional chillers. Together, these systems provide a high-performance building system that is both sustainable and very energy efficient. In addition, the buildings incorporate sustainable materials, low water usage fixtures, and high efficiency glass.

Before construction could begin, Big-D had to demolish a former Shopko retail store. After demolition was complete, crews went to work installing utilities and sewer systems and then began excavating the area for the underground parking structure. An estimated 150,000 cubic yards of dirt was excavated from the construction site. Much of the dirt removed was sent to be used at construction sites across the Salt Lake Valley.

The Medical Office Building consists of 2,100 tons of steel. Big-D’s Concrete Team is performing the concrete on site. The team installs about 1,000 yards of concrete a week.