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Project University of Utah Clinics Remodel

Project Size

16,800 sq ft

Project Dates

11 months

Project Location

Salt Lake City, Utah

Project Description

The University of Utah Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah opened its doors in 1965. Since then, the facility has grown from a single hospital to an expansive healthcare system that features four hospitals, more than 1,000 board-certified healthcare physicians, more than 8,000 employees, and more than 200 medical specialties. The University of Utah Hospital itself had undergone several remodels and renovations in recent years to accommodate a growing need for its facility.

In 2019, Big-D was selected as the CM/GC builder to complete a full remodel of approximately 16,800 sf of existing clinic space on level 1 of building 525 – the University Hospital. The remodel was limited to three clinics in the hospital including the Infectious Disease Clinic (Clinic 1), Rheumatology (Clinic 2), and Gastroenterology (Clinic 3). The scope included improvements to patient waiting areas, larger exam rooms, procedure rooms, and more efficient staff areas. The work also included aesthetic upgrades to finishes and furniture to match current hospital standards. Big-D provided preconstruction services which included cost estimating, constructability reviews, scheduling, construction planning, and bidding as well as complete construction services for the projects.

The Clinic Remodel project presented multiple challenges which the Big-D team managed with ease. It was critical that the hospital remained in operation during construction, so special considerations were taken with regards to the infection control risk assessment and minimizing disruption of patient care. Another major element of construction was the replacement of the existing 40-year-old waste piping while the systems were active and in use. Big-D successfully completed the replacement without incident. A surprise challenge was the discovery of an unknown HVAC system that provided heating and cooling to 19 rooms on the level above the clinic remodels. Big-D worked quickly, collaborating with the architectural consultant team to re-work the design to replace and re-route the heating and cooling water lines and the duct work to these rooms, incorporating them into the new design for the level 1 HVAC system. The project was completed on-time and under budget.