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Project Rio Tinto Consolidated Warehouse

Project Size

240,670 sq ft

Project Dates

11 months

Project Location

6076 W. Broken Rock Cir. South Jordan, UT

“Please also accept Kennecott Utah Copper Corporation/Rio Tinto’s congratulations and my personal thanks to all of you for your significant achievement. The overall and daily efforts each of you make to maintain the high level of safety performance on this project is very commendable. Keeping your focus on both the large and the many small things that have brought you to where you are today. Please continue to keep holding your standard for performance very high to the end of the project.”

Donald S. Einarson
Director, Engineering Services

  • LEED Gold
  • Green Banner Plant Facility Construction Contractors Achieving Significant Safety Performance | Rio Tinto/ Kennecott Utah Copper | 2008
  • Self-Performed Concrete

Project Description

Rio Tinto’s primary goal for this project was to consolidate its warehouse space from 19 separate units around the Salt Lake Valley into one building. This goal alone helped reduce Rio Tinto’s environmental impact because the finished warehouse had a smaller footprint than the other warehouses combined. What’s more, the consolidated warehouse was far more energy efficient.

From the foundation to the roof, the 240,670-square foot building incorporates green materials at every level. The “cool roof” is covered in thermoplastic olefin, a reflective white material that minimizes the heat from the sun. As a result, the warehouse has no air conditioning—ceiling fans provide all the cooling the building needs.

To minimize the environmental impacts and costs of transportation, 21.6 percent of the building’s materials were extracted, processed, and/or manufactured within a 500-mile radius of the site. In addition, almost 34 percent of the building’s materials are made from recycled waste. During construction, Big-D participated in the goal of sustainability by disposing of approximately 92 percent of the construction waste at appropriate recycling facilities.

The consolidated warehouse serves the company’s needs far more effectively than the previous warehouses did. The 225,000-square foot warehouse has 20 truck doors and two overhead crane bays. The cranes are part of the state-of-the-art storage and retrieval system that makes the warehouse more space-efficient by allowing taller storage. In addition, the facility has 15,600 square feet of office space.

The facility sits on a 34-acre site in the company’s Daybreak land development, a multi-use area that prioritizes walking and mass transit. The landscaping around the facility is low-water use, and the irrigation system uses only non-culinary water.

Rio Tinto/Kennecott Utah Copper struck gold with this building, which will pay dividends in cost savings as well as reduced environmental impact. For the next two years, Rio Tinto has agreed to purchase green power that will account for 10 percent of total electrical usage.