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Project Orem Family Fitness Center Renovation & Expansion
Owner City of Orem

Project Size

131,980 sq ft

Project Dates

18 months

Project Location

Orem, UT
City of Orem

Project Description

Orem City’s new community center is slated to be the talk of the town upon completion in the summer of 2021. Big-D took on the job to improve upon the city’s existing Fitness Center, fully prepared to help keep the indoor pools open during construction. However, Orem’s Assistant City Manager, Brenn Bybee, and her team decided it would be more beneficial in the long run to invest more in the new building rather than worrying so much about a temporary pool closure.

The new state of the art Orem Family Fitness Center will feature indoor swimming, an elevated running track, racquetball courts, a gymnasium, workout equipment and studios, multipurpose rooms, family changing suites, locker rooms, child daycare and playgrounds, a teen lounge, and a bouldering wall. Most of these features will come with the 99,660 sf expansion, while an additional 32,320 sf of the existing center is also being remodeled. As part of this project, the existing pools are being revamped with new pool equipment and HVAC systems, a new hot tub, steam room, and spectator seating.

Big-D worked hand-in-hand with Method Studios and Orem City to design a new facility that met all of the city’s needs and was within their budget. The collaborative effort from all teams allowed construction to begin in August, even though a finished design wasn’t completed until November. The project is moving along according to the schedule, with the Fitness Center expected to reopen sometime in the summer of 2021. A recent citizen survey conducted by Orem City of those who have previously utilized the facilities, that 90% of the public will directly benefit from this upgrade.