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Project Open-Pit Gold Mine
Owner Not Disclosed

Project Size

130,000 sq ft

Project Dates

Preconstruction - 20 months; Construction - 16 months

Project Location

Northern Nevada
Not Disclosed
  • 2017 Energy/Industrial Best Project, ENR Southwest Region

Project Description

Big-D Construction was one of 3 companies shortlisted to compete for the design-build role of this new open-pit gold mine. After being awarded the contract, working directly for owner, Big-D Construction managed its team of architects and engineers for nearly 2 years through the preconstruction process. This included putting together budgeting for the project with the assistance of many potential subcontractors. The development of the open pit was managed directly by the owner, separate from Big-D’s scope of work.

The new open-pit gold mine is carved into the side of the Pequop Mountains located between Elko and Wendover in Northern Nevada. During this project, Big-D Construction collaborated with the owners, GSBS Architects, and an extensive team of engineers through the preconstruction phase of the mine and its onsite facilities. Big-D managed the design process, prepared the cost analysis for the budget, built and updated the P6 critical path schedule and performed constructability reviews. By managing the design process during the preconstruction phase, the team was able to anticipate and prepare for challenges that could arise during the project. This helped set up the project for success and then in-turn deliver the project on time and on budget. Building Information Modeling, or BIM, was also utilized during preconstruction to map the interface of mechanical and civil systems for the mine.

In April 2015, Big-D Construction and its subcontractors, a mix of mostly Nevada and Utah based, broke ground and began construction of the new mine. There were tremendous amounts of resources put into place, including an archeological monitoring company with dozens of employees on-site at times, to manage all the environmental aspects of the project. Although this had impacts to the project schedule, all parties worked diligently together for this crucial aspect to be successful. During construction, Big-D not only acted as the General Contractor for the project, but self-performed all of the concrete installations (totaling 6,365 CY of concrete).

Click on the video below to learn more about the project.