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Project Mission Foods Production Facility

Project Size

310,368 sq ft

Project Dates

9 months

Project Location

11559 Jersey Blvd. Rancho Cucamonga, CA

World’s Largest Tortilla Making Facility.

Project Description

This is a production facility for corn and flour tortillas, chips, salsa and other products for retail sale by Mission Foods. The plant is noted as being the “World’s Largest Tortilla Making Facility.”

Site development consisted of 18.66 acres with 226,000 square feet of concrete paving. The Mission Foods Production Facility project included acid brick flooring and high-end electrical and mechanical systems, due to extreme heat conditions during production. In all, there are seven door/dock locations for deliveries in the receiving warehouse, along with three dock/door locations for receiving from the rail spur, which feeds the warehouse and the product silos directly at the building location. In addition, there are 36 door/dock location for shipping of products from the cooler, tortilla warehouse and the fried products warehouse.