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Project Meadow Gold Dairy, Milk and Ice Cream Plant

Project Size

89,012 sq ft

Project Dates

15 months

Project Location

6350 East Centennial Parkway Las Vegas, NV

This unique project began with one simple question: How do we make ice cream in the desert?

Project Description

In 2001, Dean Foods—parent company of Meadow Gold Dairy—contacted Big-D to help assess the viability of a new, 89,000 square foot Greenfield facility in the Las Vegas area. After months of due diligence, during which Big-D provided site analysis and detailed project cost models, Dean Foods gave Big-D the green light for construction.

Despite initial zoning challenges, Big-D procured a site clearing permit in February 2003 and a building permit in June 2003. By June 2004, the Certificate of Occupancy was issued, enabling Meadow Gold to commence operations (receiving, processing, and shipping) in July 2004.

The project consists of three separate buildings: the main plant, guardhouse, and a 10,746-square-foot vehicle maintenance facility (VMF). Attached to the VMF is a 3,000-square-foot ice cream freezer (for storage of product made elsewhere). The main building has approximately 17,000 square feet of cooler warehouse for storing the final product. This project also includes a truck scale, administrative offices, enclosed milk receiving bays, and processing, packing, mechanical, and blow-mold areas.

Site work for this Meadow Gold Dairy facility included off-site improvements and connection of utilities to the processing equipment. Finishes in the process areas include acid brick flooring and ceramic tile walls. Ceilings are IMP walk-on ceilings with interstitial utility spaces above.