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Project Lincoln Poultry, A Sysco Company

Project Size

406,000 sq ft

Project Dates

16 months

Project Location

900 Kingbird Road Lincoln, NE

Two years after Sysco Lincoln and Lincoln Poultry joined forces, employees of the two food distribution companies now are working in the same building.

Project Description

Big-D Construction has had the privilege of working for Sysco Food Corporation since 1990, completing more than 28 projects valued at more than $300 million and comprising more than 3.7 million square feet. Our project for Lincoln Poultry, part of the Sysco group, included 406,000 square feet of work that included the following features:

  • A new 176,535-square-foot freezer, cooler, cold dock, and engine room addition with seven temperature zones
  • Renovations to the existing 197,723-square foot warehouse
  • A remodel of the existing vehicle maintenance building into a beverage service and repair building
  • A new 22,526-square-foot vehicle maintenance facility (VMF) with a fueling system and a truck wash
  • Development of the 55-acre site for the construction of the VMF, fueling station, truck parking, and employee parking

Big-D began the Sysco project by completing the freezer and cooler addition. After the addition was complete, Sysco relocated cold products into the new addition. We then began converting the existing freezer, cooler, and cold docks into a dry warehouse, dry docks, battery charging area, and a new will-call pickup area. Within the existing warehouse space, we also completed a new main entrance and second floor office area. After the warehouse renovation was complete and a new employee parking lot was built, Big-D demolished the old employee entrance and employee parking lot to create the loading dock and truck parking area at the new freezer/cooler addition.

The Sysco facility remained in full operation for the duration of the addition and renovation. Big-D worked closely with the client to coordinate the work plan and sequence work around the plant’s operation schedule.