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Project Kennecott Utah Copper Truck Shop Expansion

Project Size

106,000 sq ft

Project Dates

22 months

Project Location

Bingham Canyon, UT

Project Description

Kennecott Copper Mine, the largest open-pit mine in the world, uses unique equipment including enormous ore trucks. Maintaining these trucks is a process in and of itself, and Kennecott has a dedicated space for that process. In 2011, Big-D began construction of a 106,000-square-foot expansion to the existing mine truck maintenance shop for Kennecott. The addition included 16 new offices, 12 service and repair bays, two tire service bays, four overhead cranes, a storage building, and a changing building. The building not only provides the space for administrative work, but also accommodates Kennecott’s 300-ton dump trucks during repair and maintenance.

Big-D also built a new warehouse portion to supply the expanded shop with parts and a new house to accommodate the existing and added workforce. Our construction management team worked closely with Kennecott and the designer in a Construction Manager/General Contractor delivery method, providing budgets and constructability reviews during design.