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Project International Park of Commerce

Project Size

1,001,378 sq ft

Project Dates

8 months

Project Location

Tracy, California

Project Description

The International Park of Commerce building is one of the most advanced of its kind in the United States. Designed for the demands of today’s customers, the International Park of Commerce building, located in California, includes a 40-foot clear height and significant vehicle and trailer parking with extended staging lanes. The International Park of Commerce was constructed to LEED specifications. The project is currently LEED registered with a certification goal of Silver.

When Prologis embarked on this new development, they once again hired Big-D Construction to build this 1 million square foot speculative building. The construction is comprised of concrete tilt-up exterior walls, hybrid panelized wood roof structure and a single ply roof membrane.

The required clear height and internal roof drains add complexity to the project. The roof drainage system features a siphonic drain system that allows drain lines to run long distance under the floor slab without any slope.

Big-D completed the International Park of Commerce building in just 8 months.