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Project Home Depot Warehouse & Distribution Center
Owner Home Depot

Project Size

263,000 sq ft

Project Dates

10 months

Project Location

Ogden, Utah
Home Depot
  • 2018 Best Manufacturing Project
  • 2018 Tilt-Up Over $5 Million - Winner
  • 2017 Most Outstanding Project, Industrial/Distribution, Utah Construction & Design

Project Description

Business Depot Ogden (BDO) features more than 9 million square feet of industrial and office space near the Ogden-Hinckley Airport in Utah. The BDO is part of a partnership between Ogden City and the Boyer Company. Big-D Construction has built several facilities warehouse and distribution facilities at BDO. Most recently, Big-D completed a 260,000 square-foot Bulk Distribution Center for Home Depot.

The building consists of 8” concrete slab with tilt-up wall panels. The project also includes skylights, aluminum storefronts, office space, painted exterior, overhead doors, and loading dock equipment. This facility is Home Depot’s first “drive-thru” warehouse. The design gives the company the capability to place multiple semi loads inside the facility and safely drive the trucks out of the building without maneuvering around product or employees.

Big-D Construction also prepared an area for a rail line that allows Home Depot to move products in and out of the facility seamlessly. With a rail spur on the interior and a second on the exterior, workers at the warehouse can quickly unload boxcars and A-frame rails and stack the material either inside or outside with their roughly 150,000 SF of storage space.

Construction of the project started in the late fall/early winter, which created many challenges. The biggest was placing slabs and tilts through the winter. Several different tents were installed to keep snow and moisture out of the panels so the team could continue to work. Big-D Construction also used turbines to remove water from the slab-on-grade.