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Project Harrisville Cannery

Project Size

46,393 sq ft

Project Dates

13 months

Project Location

Harrisville, Utah
  • 2018 Industrial Over $5 Million - Winner
  • 2018 Award of Excellence/Manufacturing, AGC Utah Chapter

Project Description

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints continues to change the economic landscape of Northern Utah with the development of a new, 46,000 square-foot Harrisville Cannery. The Harrisville Cannery sits on 7 acres just west of the community of Ogden. The building stands just one story and also includes a 4,000 square foot bean processing area under an open canopy with provisions for a future additional 4,000 square feet corn processing canopy area.

The facility includes administrative offices, volunteer training room, employee and volunteer locker areas, cooler and freezer space for storage of raw ingredients, cooking and canning process rooms, warehouse for storage of finished goods, shipping and receiving docks, QC laboratory, maintenance shop, and utility space typical for a process facility.

Interior finishes include resinous coatings on floors and walls in “high risk” areas that are subject to frequent wash down as well as insulated metal wall and ceiling panels with washable factory coatings. The roofing system is an 80-mil membrane roof over the main building and a standing seam metal roof over the canopy area. Doors and windows in process areas are also high-grade stainless steel, FRP or fabric doors that are suitable for wash-down sanitation procedures.

The Harrisville Cannery will provide basic food supply for home storage. Through the process of canning, food contents are processed and sealed in an airtight container. The items processed and prepared at the Ogden Cannery will then be sent to home storage centers for purchase, or they will be distributed through the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints welfare program. The purpose of the welfare program is to provide assistance to church members.