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Project Action Target

Project Size

115,000 sq ft

Project Dates

14 months

Project Location

3411 South Mountain Vista Parkway Provo, UT

Project Description

Action Target has a 20-year reputation for “superior shooting range equipment and firearms training,” so the company insisted on a builder that shared their passion for precision. They chose Big-D to construct their new, 115,000-square-foot administrative and manufacturing warehouse in Provo, Utah.

Cast-on-site concrete tilt-up panels, topped with a steel, joist-and-deck roof system, comprise the structure. The building includes a 30,000-square-foot, two-story administrative space and an 85,000-square-foot manufacturing and warehouse space. The administrative areas include private offices, open offices, conference rooms, and showrooms. The manufacturing and warehouse area includes a light assembly area, paint booths, shop spaces, crane bays, machining/fabrication spaces, and a shipping and receiving area.

The project required Big-D team members to identify and solve a variety of unique challenges, including cleaning a once-contaminated site. This delicate process involved close collaboration between Big-D Construction and numerous city and environmental consultants to ensure the grounds would be safe for workers and visitors.

Another significant challenge Big-D addressed was the possibility and prevention of differential settlement. Due to the nature of the precision equipment required in this facility—including automated turret trucks and complex inventory racking systems—ultra-flat and level floors were essential. Thus, after extensive research, Big-D pursued a cost-effective and stable solution called “rammed aggregate piers.” These piers prevent the building from settling and upsetting the processes going on inside. By putting these quality-control systems in place, Big-D gave Action Target precisely the building they wanted.