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Building the (flight) to opportunity

Salt Lake City Airport redevelopment program

The Salt Lake City Department of Airport’s new Salt Lake City Airport Redevelopment program is the first major hub airport replacement built in the 21st Century. The new airport will accommodate 26 million passengers annually and replaces the existing airport with two new linear concourses. The Holder-Big-D, joint venture is the CMAR for the construction of all new rental car facilities, the Central Terminal, the South Concourse (47 gates), the 3,600-car parking garage, new roadways, tunnels, underground utilities, jet fueling system, airfield paving, and the central utility plant. The Terminal, first phase of the South Concourse, and the parking garage opens for passengers in September 2020.

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Timeline: Construction of the Airport

The Canyon

The Salt Lake City International Airport is the first new U.S. hub airport built in the 21st Century. The New SLC is now cleared for takeoff ! If you haven’t had a chance to experience the new SLC Airport yet, go check out the interior fly through video at The New SLC Videos | Salt Lake City International Airport (slcairport.com)

The New Gold Standard
of Airports

Sustainable: The new building will be designed to high environmental standards. Designers are aiming for a LEED Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. A “Roadmap to Net Zero” is in development, which gives designers a plan for how the facility can ultimately generate as much power as it uses.

Designed to Accommodate Up to 26 Million Passengers Each Year

The Salt Lake City International Airport has been an economic catalyst for decades. Today, the airport serves more than 26 million passengers annually in facilities that were originally built more than 50 years ago. Twenty years from now, the airport is projected to serve 38 million passengers and is designed to accommodate the future growth through its master plan.

Set in Stone

Say hello to more covered parking. With 3,600 parking stalls—twice the capacity of the current parking garage—there will be plenty of parking and so convenient too. And to top it off, the price is only $20 daily through 2020.

Holder | Big-D Joint Venture
Airport Redevelopment Project Update

Holder | Big-D Construction, A Joint Venture is excited to announce that demolition has begun on the previous Salt Lake City airport. Following the official opening of the New SLC Airport in mid-September, the demo is part of Phase II of the Salt Lake Airport Redevelopment Program to take the airport to new heights. Learn more about the New Salt Lake City Airport. Construction crews demolish the old Salt Lake airport | ABC4 Utah

Holder | Big-D Joint Venture
Aiport Redevelopment Project Update

The first phase of The New SLC Airport will open to passengers with activities planned to celebrate the first departing and arriving flights.  At 4 a.m. on Sept. 15, the Salt Lake City Department of Airports will open a new parking garage, terminal and the west portion of Concourse A.
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Holder | Big-D Joint Venture
Airport Redevelopment Project Update

COVID-19 Efforts

The local health department visited the project for a COVID-19 safety inspection. They were impressed by our efforts and even took photos to use as an example of best practices.