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14 Sep

SLC International Airport Celebrates One-year Anniversary

Big-D Construction congratulates the Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) as they celebrate their one-year anniversary and announcement by the USGBC for achieving LEED Gold Certification!
SLC International Airport Celebrates One-year Anniversary
USGBC Announces LEED Gold Certification Achieved

Salt Lake City, UT (Sept. 15, 2021) –Today, the Salt Lake City Department of Airports (SLCDA) celebrates one year since opening The New SLC-Phase 1—with the distinction of being the first new U.S. hub airport built in the 21st Century—while announcing LEED Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

The New SLC Airport was designed and built with a number of goals in mind: to build an airport that provides a flexible, right-sized design for the future that is more efficient, sustainable and maintains competitive costs. Additional goals were to build an airport that could withstand a major seismic event, provide more areas to plug in electronic devices and reflect the beauty of Utah—both inside and out. The New SLC has achieved its sustainability goal of LEED Gold certification for both the Terminal Redevelopment Program project and Concourse B-west.

“As two of the largest LEED v2009 gold certified airport terminal projects in the United States, the airport team faced the unique challenge of building on a large scale, while staying on-task and prioritizing health and sustainability,” said Lisa Stanley, director of technical services, USGBC. “I know just how dauting this task was and how much pre-planning was required to bring this project to where it is today, and congratulate all those involved.”

The airport achieved this certification through efforts involving emission reduction, waste minimization, water conservation and renewable energy implementation. Practicing sustainability began day 1 of construction. Prior to the airport opening, 95% of construction waste was diverted from landfills and incinerators. Before opening day, airlines began to transition from diesel to electric ground support equipment. And the layout of The New SLC plays a substantial role in sustainability with a linear concourse configuration that reduces the time aircraft idle and taxi.
“The airport recognizes the importance of reducing carbon emissions to mitigate our impact on global climate change,” said Bill Wyatt, executive director, Salt Lake City Department of Airports. “The former airport—which was a beloved part of our community—was inefficient when it came to sustainability efforts. Everything from the boiler system to the plumbing and electrical systems were beyond repair. What is really impressive is that the new airport uses less water and less electricity than the former facility.”

For a complete report on the airport’s sustainability goals and performance, go to slcairport.com/about-the-airport/community-and-environment.
16 Aug

2021 ENR Mountains States Contractor of the Year

The ENR regional editors have selected Big-D Construction for 2021 Contractor of the Year in the Mountain States region for the Intermountain area. We are honored and humbled for this recognition and wish to extend our gratitude to all of the Big-D employees, owners, and trade partners that help to make each projects vision a reality.

​​​​​​​Continue reading the full article here

13 Aug

State launches Apprenticeship Utah


On Aug. 11, 2021, Utah’s Commissioner of Apprenticeship Programs announced the launch of the state’s first comprehensive apprenticeship website – apprenticeship.utah.gov.

“As businesses struggle to hire enough workers, and as many Utahns are striving to earn a living wage, there is no better time to consider apprenticeships,” said Melisa Stark, commissioner of apprenticeship programs. “Employers can hire employees to start right away and learn on the job, and workers can get paid to train for a lucrative career.”

Apprenticeships are industry-driven, high-quality career pathways that are beneficial to both businesses and workers. Workers get paid on-the-job and related training, job security and portable credentials, certificates or degrees. Employers prepare their future workforce while reducing costs for recruitment, enjoying a 94% retention rate.

“Apprenticeships are an under-utilized pathway to a great, in-demand career,” said Rep. Mike Winder, who sponsored the legislation that created the new commissioner of apprenticeship role. “A four-year degree is not the only way.”

The announcement took place at the Post House project, a massive downtown construction site where apprentices work side by side with more experienced mentors to learn their trade.

“It’s no secret that the workforce is stretched, and finding qualified, skilled tradespeople has become ever increasingly challenging,” said Shaun Orr, vice-president of human resources at Big-D Construction. “Apprenticeship programs fill a critical role in attracting and retaining talent so we can continue to build the places where we live, work and play.”

While traditionally found in industries like construction, utilities and trades, apprenticeships are expanding to industries like healthcare and information technology. Utah has more than 4,200 apprentices and 265 registered apprenticeship programs in dozens of industries. Apprentices who complete their programs earn more over their career than non-apprentice participants, and upon completion earn an average of $60,000 annually. ​​​​​​​


Employers, educators, parents and future apprentices can learn more at http://apprenticeship.utah.gov/

13 Jul

Weber State University Topping Out Ceremony

Big-D Construction along with Weber State University, VCBO Architecture, and other trade partners, participated in the “Topping Out” ceremony of the new Noorda Engineering, Applied Science & Technology building on Monday.

Painted purple and signed by several involved in the project, onlookers including future Big-D employees, watched as the final beam was hoisted into place. Affixed to the beam was an American flag on one end and an evergreen tree on the other; a tradition which dates back centuries and, depending on who you ask, is rumored to date back to Egypt and the construction of the pyramids.
Situated on the north end of the campus, the Noorda Engineering Building will serve as the new home for the College of Engineering, Applied Science and Technology (EAST). Stay tuned….construction is expected to be complete Fall 2022.

Owner: Weber State University
Builder: Big-D Construction
Architect: VCBO Architecture

26 May

HDJV was recognized as 2021 General Contractor Project of the Year Award

CCIM’s 2021 Excellence Awards recognized the Salt Lake City International Airport Redevelopment and HDJV (Holder | Big-D a Joint Venture) with the 2021 General Contractor Project of the Year award. We are honored to be part of this amazing project.