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23 Sep

Hundreds Turn Out for Celebration of Life Memorial


By Amy Nay, KUTV

Hundreds turned out for the Celebration of Life Memorial Saturday in downtown Salt Lake. The southwest corner of Library Square has been the site of a memorial since 2004, but it is now much bigger with a more prominent profile.

“It’s really amazing to see,” Julia Horsley told 2News Saturday, coming to the memorial wall along with her entire family to find the name of her mother, an organ and tissue donor, who passed away this past year at the age of 80, “It’s just been an amazing journey. It was a beautiful ceremony, but pretty hard on all of us.”

Julia herself is an organ donor, giving a kidney to a woman she said she barely knew, “And she is alive and well today. If I had another kidney, I’d probably do it again. Of course, if I had one to spare!”

“We’re here to celebrate the life of my son,” Debi Waddell of Idaho told 2News with her daughter by her side, “He was just 19, but saved the lives of four people and affected so many more. He lives on in them.”

Donor families and recipients came together to see the newly dedicated memorial wall which features the names of more than 5,500 donors from Utah. At the ceremony, nearly 490 names of donors from this year were honored for their gift, with their names newly etched into the wall.

To see the full article, click here.

To view more photos of the event, click here.

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