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Working with Big-D?

Thank you for your interest in working with Big-D Construction

Subcontractors are required to go through our prequalification process before receiving invitations to bid.

In our prequalification, we ask for financial and safety information; if you have not been in business for at least one year or more, please check back with us at a later date.

The following steps are required:

  • Fill out and submit the company information form.

  • Once the company information form is submitted, Big-D initiates the prequalification process.

  • You will receive an email requesting prequalification information. To ensure confidentiality, this will be managed by a third party named Vertikal/PrequalUSA

  • Depending on your response time and the completeness of information, the prequalification process may take a few weeks.

  • Once the prequalification process has been completed and approved, your company will be eligible to receive invitations to bid.

Start the application process by completing the linked form below: