Project O.C. Tanner Corporate Headquarters Re-Skin
Project Details

Project Size

27,000 sq ft

Project Dates

12 months

Project Location

Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Honorable Mention, Renovation Over $5 Million, 2016

Project Description

In 2015, Big-D Construction completed a $21 million remodel of the 300,000 square foot O.C. Tanner office headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. As part of the project, Big-D demolished 16,000 square feet of the two-story building and constructed a 20,000 square foot Grand Entry with exterior plazas, fountains, conference rooms, and a lecture hall. The project was a success and completed with minimal disruptions to the more than 1,000 employees on campus.

Following that project, Big-D crews started work on the O.C. Tanner Corporate Headquarters Re-skin project. During this phase, crews are removing the existing exterior façade and replacing it with approximately 27,000 square feet of new vertical exterior façade glass. The building itself is a local landmark that first housed the Salt Lake Library back in 1906. The addition will help give the office building a modern look. The project also includes the demolition of the existing landscape that is located east of campus. Crews added new plants, trees, light fixtures, brick pavers, and a new water fountain..

O.C. Tanner offers fine jewelry and employee recognition programs worldwide. The company has been voted as Fortune’s 100 “Best Places to Work For”. Construction on the O.C. Tanner Corporate Headquarters