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Project Kimberly-Clark Warehouse and Distribution Center

Project Size

264,000 sq ft

Project Dates

7 months

Project Location

2010 Rulon White Blvd. Ogden, UT

Project Description

This project consisted of a 264,000-square-foot dry goods warehouse addition to the existing Kimberly-Clark manufacturing plant in Ogden, Utah. The new Kimberly-Clark warehouse was contiguous to an existing smaller warehouse and includes two new openings into the wall between the existing and new space. The construction of the new space is structural steel framing and conventional spread footings. Additionally, there are tilt-up concrete walls throughout the shipping and receiving docks. The construction of the new warehouse is structural steel framing on conventional spread footings and continuous footings and stem walls at the perimeter walls, with tilt-up concrete walls at the dock positions. The roof structure consists of steel open web joists and girders with a column spacing of 58 feet each way. The roof membrane is a Sarnafil .48 mil single-ply membrane with R-20 rigid insulation. Exterior wall panels are 2-inch-thick horizontal insulated metal sandwich panels. The docks are sheltered by a 10-foot overhead facia structure that is an extension of the new roof line.

Inside the Kimberly-Clark warehouse is a two-level office area consisting of about 3,000 square feet on each level. This area includes electrical equipment rooms and a generator room, as well as offices, meeting rooms, restrooms and truckers lounge. The warehouse floor is a Kalman SC floor, which minimizes floor joints (eliminating over 5 miles of joints). The interior columns of the structure are painted and the underside of the roof deck and trusses were left with factory finish, however welds were touched-up. The site work included relocation of the main plant fire loop, storm sewer and domestic water currently run through the area of the building. Site also included additional roads, dock aprons, grass and irrigation on all space unoccupied by pavement or building.