Project Intermountain Healthcare Creekside Office
Project Details

Project Size

77,482 sq ft

Project Dates

7 months

Project Location

West Valley City, UT

Project Description

Intermountain Healthcare is the largest healthcare provider in the Intermountain West. This newly remodeled two-story office building now serves as a consolidated IT center for Intermountain Healthcare. The new building also and includes a fitness room, yoga room, and full cafeteria for Intermountain employees and visitors.

Demolition of the existing polycarbonate stud framed walls, electrical system, mechanical duct work and piping, and some of the plumbing was accompanied by the construction of a complex suspended ceiling cloud system. Big-D Construction crews also installed new framing and drywall, storefront walls systems at offices and conference rooms; completed remodel of existing kitchen and food service line including all new kitchen equipment and hoods; full height wall graphics, upgraded lighting system, and all new “techno-chic” finishes (glass, aluminum, and exposed structure ceilings). A sound insulation spray on the existing second floor decking was also included for the Intermountain Healthcare project.