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Project BYU Heritage Halls Student Housing Phase II (Buildings 7–8)

Project Size

171,922 sq ft

Project Dates

22 months

Project Location

1430 N. 900 E. Provo, UT

Originally built in 1953, the Heritage Halls are the oldest dorms on campus at BYU.

Project Description

The BYU Heritage Housing project, Phase II, continues Big-D’s recent expansion of the student housing. This project includes Buildings 7 and 8, each of which stands four stories tall and includes a basement.

Each building is 85,961 square feet and houses 43 units, a full laundry facility, one public restroom, and 79 private bathrooms. The eight different unit types include two- and three-bedroom apartments with full kitchens.

The buildings are concrete foundations with concrete tunnels that tie in to the rest of the campus for electrical and mechanical feeds. The buildings’ structures are structural steel with slab-on-metal deck and suspended slabs with CMU sheer walls. The exteriors consist of Trenwyth CMU Veneer and brick and pre-cast window sills and accents. The interior is metal framing with level-five finishes and high-abuse, resistive gypsum board. The kitchens feature granite countertops and vinyl flooring. The bathrooms include tile flooring with granite shower surrounds.

The site is 251,525 square feet with parking areas, trash enclosures, covered vertical bike storage, multiple architectural site retaining walls, and planters with landscaping areas.