Project Gossner Foods
Project Details

Project Size

60,000 sq ft

Project Dates

10 months

Project Location

1051 N. 10th. St. Logan, UT

Since 1993, Big-D has been the builder of choice for Utah-based Gossner Foods.

Project Description

Since the early 90s, Big-D Construction has been working on projects with Gossner Foods. Gossner Foods is most famous for their Swiss cheese products, but offer a full line of cheese and other products, including the shelf-staple milk used by the military.

This expansion project utilized a state-of-the-art Thermomass Building System, which provided 60,000 square feet of cheese packaging space, cold storage, two stories of administrative/office space and a new shipping facility.

This addition increased the size of the Gossner Foods plant to 180,000 square feet.