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Project Brigham Young University Office of Information Technology

Project Size

80,300 sq ft

Project Dates

18 months

Project Location

1400 North University Ave. Provo, UT 84057

“We have found Big-D to be extremely responsive on all the projects they have built for us…They have been on time and often have been a great resource in actually reducing some of our costs. They are one of our most trusted contractors.”

– Ole Smith, Assistant Administrative Vice President

  • LEED Certified
  • Self performed structural concrete
  • ABC Utah - 2009 Institutional Over $10 MM

Project Description

This three-story office building was designed to meet Brigham Young University’s information technology needs. The building features brick and glass curtain-wall and a steel internal structure consisting of buckling-restrained graded (BRB) frames. Office features include cubicle space on the second floor and conference rooms, systems furniture space and private offices on the third floor. The main floor features shops, conference rooms, an employee break room and three sound-engineering stations designed to meet a sound transmission coefficient (STC) of 56. Each floor features two ADA restrooms and the second and third floors feature small kitchen areas for workers.

Big-D Construction was hired by Brigham Young University as the GC/CM for this project. The work included the construction of a new three-story building of approximately 80,300 square feet plus a small basement. Big-D self-performed all structural concrete work—footings, foundations, walls, slabs on grade, slabs on deck, miscellaneous rebar, rough carpentry, weather protection and daily and final clean-up.

As the project progressed, the end user added multiple design elements. This required flexibility to accommodate the end user’s needs. Big-D coordinated with the designers and other architects to ensure this facility fully met or exceeded the client’s expectations. The project incorporated $800,000 worth of owner upgrades and still came in well under budget. Recently, Brigham Young University elected to pursue and received the designation of LEED Certified.