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Project BYU Cannon Center

Project Size

42,567 sq ft

Project Dates

08/06 - 06/09

Project Location

141 CANC Provo, UT

This project consisted of the demolition and re-building of a new Cannon Center Cafeteria for the Helaman Halls on-campus housing facility.

  • • Institutional Over $10 Million - ABC Utah - 2008

Project Description

The BYU Cannon Center is a new 42,567-square-foot, one-story masonry building complete with a state-of-the-art dining and food preparation facility, as well as a large common/media room, a complete lobby and lounge area, a mini convenience store, and several offices for the Dining Services division of Brigham Young University.

In order to accommodate the continued use of the facility, the project was performed in two phases. Phase I consisted of building the new cafeteria northeast of the existing facility. Phase II consisted of the demolition of the old cafeteria and the building of new office space and a lobby for the Phase I portion and attaching the two phases together. This project includes the accommodation of several underground high temp water utility tunnels, which are directly under the footprint of the new facility.