20 Apr

Big-D Project: Salt Lake City Public Library Named by CNN as One of America’s Most Spectacular Libraries

The Salt Lake City Public Library has been named by CNN as one of the nation’s 11 most “Eye-catching Reading Rooms.”

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24 Mar

FedEx Cuts Ribbon on New Eco-Friendly Building

Salt Lake City—Utah’s FedEx is shipping things a little greener with a new facility decked out with eco-friendly features.

The new 70,000-square-foot building opened Monday with the snip of scissors and a flutter of ribbon to a crowd including employees and family members of FedEx, Big-D Construction, Salt Lake City and the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED).

“This is a great accomplishment,” said Marshall Wright, GOED director of the aerospace industry sector. “Congratulations to both FedEx and Big-D.”

The building has a reflective roof to reduce cooling costs, occupancy sensors in maintenance and office areas to automatically turn lights on and off, daylight sensors to adjust lighting levels depending on the ambient light, and LED lighting in the parking lots and aircraft gates to lower energy consumption.

Jill Love, director of Salt Lake City Community and Economic Development, said the energy-efficient nature of the building was beneficial to both the economic and environmental health of the city.

“Sustainability is a priority for us at Salt Lake City Hall, and we always appreciate it when one of our business partners helps us with that goal,” she said. “You have successfully achieved that with this, and we appreciate it.”

The new building will also facilitate more than 230 flights per month, servicing Southern Idaho, Eastern Nevada, Western Wyoming and most of Utah in a seven-day-a-week operation. The facility also has a sort capacity of 3,000 packages per hour.

Ralph Pizello, senior manager at FedEx Express, said the new building will help FedEx run more like the well-oiled machine it tries to be.

“Unless you’ve been here, you have no idea what it takes to take a package from cradle to grave,” he said.

Tom Speno Sr., president of the Miami-based Preferred Realty & Development, which was also involved in the acquisition and construction of the nearby DHL building, said after working closely with FedEx, he had become convinced of the complexity of the industry.

“Everyone knows they deliver packages or boxes,” he said. “But really what they do, at the core of what they do, is connect people, and they do it exceedingly well.”

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19 Mar

JH SCOUT: Jason Dunlop, Vice President of Big-D Signature

Today we sit down with Jason, Vice President of Big-D Signature. These guys are the best of the best and their projects will leave you in awe.  Get to know the amazing company and the awesome things they are up to.  We love their philosophy on approaching new projects!

Tell us a little bit about Big-D Signature Construction:
Big-D was started back in 1967 by Dee Livingood, who had the nickname Big Dee being that he was a rather tall guy.  Dee sold his VW Bug for $1000 and started the company with the focus to deliver the best customer experience possible by “doing the right thing.”  More info about our early days HERE.

Our focus today as a company hasn’t strayed from Dee’s vision – we want to be the most sought after construction company in the business, not only by clients but by talented people that want to be part of executing the best work.  So we focus on the right people, the right process, and that delivers the right finished product.

Standing out in the business community here in Jackson is a great challenge every day.  We’re blessed in our valley with great builders and craftsmen who have mastered their art for many years.  We have a very talented team of craftsmen both in the field and office that know how to mesh the informative side of estimating, preconstruction, scheduling, and procurement with the highly skilled artisans who pour concrete, frame walls, and erect reclaimed timbers into buildings were proud to have been part of.  What sets us apart is achieving the balance between left and right brains so that our customers feel both informed by the process and in awe by the execution.

What is the process from start to finish with your residential clients?
We love the integrated project delivery process, which means we like to be at the table even before design begins.  Understanding the customer’s wants and needs, both in function of the building and the desired cost, helps us collaborate with the design team and inform the creative process with regards to time and money.  As the design becomes less schematic and more defined, our role is to continue refining the time and money information until we’ve reached the customers goals in both.  Then we’re ready to break ground and start the construction phase, in which we continue providing regular updates on where the budget and schedule are, and where we forecast they will be by the end.  Once the project is complete, our service and warranty team sticks with the customer to regularly check up on maintenance items, help with any adjustments needed, and just be there to answer questions or help in any way.  We don’t like surprises, and neither do our customers, so we do our best to be ahead of things whenever possible.

Big-D Construction partners with one of the best architecture firms in the country, JLF Architects.  Can you tell us more about this partnership?
We have been partners with JLF ARCHITECTS for over a decade and hope to be partners for decades to come.  Our relationship with JLF is based on a mutual desire to deliver great projects to great customers in a transparent and collaborative process.  Having partnered with them on so many projects in Teton County, our collective advantage is a streamlined design, preconstruction, and construction process – when they show us a certain masonry fireplace detail, we know what it costs, how long it will take, and how to build it.  You might say we could finish each other’s sentences 😉

How many projects is Big D Signature currently working on?  Any new and exciting projects?
Currently we’re in a moment of completing four large custom home projects that we’ve been working on the past 2-3 years, and we’re shifting gears into a more hospitality and high-end custom commercial resort market focus.  Most of our residential projects are located off the beaten path a bit, but we did recently complete a project with JLF out at Antelope Flats on the north side of Black Tail Butte.  On this particular project, we restored a creek from an eroding irrigation ditch situation and created a habitat for fish and wildlife, and we’re currently wrapping up the restoration of an old cabin that had been brought to the property years ago from property now in the Preserve.  It’s been a fun project that’s had its challenges.  We have a new project at Yellowstone Club that started last summer and is slated for a December finish date, we’re about to begin work on the Marriott Springhill Suites here in town, and we’re in the early stages of preconstruction on the new hotel at Huntsman Springs. We’re also starting a handful of residential projects ranging from new construction to a remodel of an existing home in Granite Ridge.

Big-D is a big proponent of LEED Certified construction, or Green Building. How does your company implement these certifications into projects?

We recently completed a home that achieved LEED certification, and it was interesting to hear the project team comment on how little we really had to do to make it happen.  Many of our projects use stone, reclaimed timbers, glass, and steel – all of which are very low maintenance materials and don’t require a lot of up keep or stains and chemicals to keep their look.  Green is often stereotyped by solar panels on the roof or keeping the thermostat so you’re either freezing in the winter and roasting in the summer.  But using materials that can withstand our harsh mountain environment and exist without a lot of fuss is both environmentally and financially beneficial for our customers.  One of the things I’ve also noticed about our projects recently is that as a company we have learned to minimize the extent of damage during the construction process so that the surrounding ecology impact is minimized, and that the type landscaping we repair that damage with becomes a preserve for the wildlife that lives in and around our projects.  We have come to admire the landscape designers and subcontractors that show us how to do the best copycat possible of what mother nature does so well.

Where do you see Big D Signature in 5 years?
We hope to always find ourselves in pursuit of being better than we are today.  With the great people we have on our team now, I can only believe that we will be smarter, stronger, more streamlined, and more tenacious about delivering the best work possible for our customers.

Where do you find your inspiration?  All over the place, you have to keep your eyes and ears open or you’ll miss it!  I read a lot of books, love to find things in other markets and industries that construction could/should adopt.

Favorite family activity in Jackson Hole?  Hiking and biking – we couldn’t live in a better place for both.

Why do you love Jackson Hole? I grew up in the summers at the Aspens before the Pines existed and I’ve loved just being outside and exploring the place ever since.

What is your favorite meal in Jackson Hole?  Any meal my wife makes, she’s an amazing cook! If you’ve ever had her chocolates (Simply Sweet), you’ll know what I mean.

If you’re not working, you can find me________.  …working?  On an airplane?  Ok, those aren’t the right answer, but feels like they sadly are.  The answer I wish was true is “on my bike”.

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05 Mar

Big-D Project: McKay-Dee Hospital Named in Top 100 Hospitals

For the third year in a row, McKay-Dee Hospital has been recognized as a Truven Health Analytics 100 Top Hospitals® award winner.

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24 Feb

Construction Underway for Crystal Public Works Building

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