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Pre-Qualification Information

In order to begin the pre-qualification process, your company must meet the following criteria:

• Your trade would hold a labor and materials contract with Big-D Construction (except steel fabricators).

• The Contract, potentially, would be greater than $100,000 on one single project.

• Your business is legally licensed and has been active for a minimum of two years.

Please visit our public online plan room on a regular basis and bid on any projects that may be of interest to your company. Review the sample contract documents (insurance requirements, subcontractor terms and conditions, etc.) included with each project to ensure you are able and willing to meet these requirements.

Subcontractors that are pre-qualified/approved will be considered for both exclusive and public projects.

How to Request a Pre-Qualification Link

If your company would like to complete the pre-qualification process with Big-D Construction, please click here to send the request. Please include contact information for the individual we should email the pre-qualification invitation.

Currently Unable to Prequalify?

If your company does not meet the qualifications listed above, but would like to be added to our bidders list, please click here to send a request. Please include the following information:

• Company Name
• Address (including city, state, and zip code)
• Office Phone Number and Fax
• Main Contact to receive Invitations to Bid including your first and last name, email address, and mobile number.
• Scopes of work
• Geographic Areas of Work
• Brief project resume

Receiving your information does not guarantee your company will be invited to bid on every public project. A representative from your company should periodically check the Online Plan Room for other bidding opportunities and contact information for the estimator.


Thank You for “Thinking Big!”