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Subcontractor Qualifications

Bidding with Big-D?

If you would like your company to be added to Big-D’s subcontractor database, please send your request to Please include the following information:

  • Company Name
  • Company address (including city, state, and zip code)
  • Office phone number
  • Office fax number
  • A main point of contact to receive invitations to bid. Please include a first and last name, email address, and mobile number
  • License #
  • Scopes of work you perform
  • Geographic areas of work
  • Brief project resume

Send your request only if you plan to bid directly with Big-D Construction. We typically do not add suppliers or sub-tier vendors to the database. Receiving your information does not guarantee you will be invited to bid on every project. A representative from your company should periodically check Big-D’s Online Plan Room for other bidding opportunities.

With each project, we upload copies of Big-D’s Contract Documents. It is the responsibility of each bidder to become familiar with Big-D’s Subcontract Agreement, Terms and Conditions, and Insurance Requirements. They are located in the folders labeled “Sample Contract Documents” within the main folders for each project listing. These are the contract documents you are required to agree to when you submit your bid.