-Jack Livingood

Collaborating with first-rate subcontractors is critical to the success of every project we build.

Consequently, Big-D is dedicated to forming and preserving robust relationships with subcontractors throughout the region. Subcontractors value our reputation for clearly defining job scope and expectations, establishing win-win environments and delivering on our promises.

Seamless partnerships with our subs also enable Big-D to maintain adherence to budgets, control scope-creep and keep projects on schedule through front-end collaboration and true Value Management.

As the saying goes, “It takes one to know one,” and as one of the largest general contractors in Utah, Big-D knows how to identify, qualify, select and respect our subcontractors in a way that ensures optimum productivity for all involved.

Brandon Briggs
Chief Estimator

Ph: 801-415-6032
Fax: 801-415-6932
E-mail: bbriggs@big-d.com

Jana Cochell, CIT
Subcontractor Manager

Ph: 801-415-6029
Fax: 801-415-6903
E-mail: jcochell@big-d.com