We'd sign it in blood if it was legal


We're committed.

Our owners are given access to Big-D’s online warranty management system, where we have streamlined the process for reporting and tracking warranty issues.

When you enter a warranty issue into the system a notification goes out to everyone involved in the project, from the Project Executive to the Superintendent.

The online system allows our entire project team to collaborate on the issue and quickly get the appropriate subcontractors and manufacturers involved.

The entire process is important, but we are all going to remember how the project finished. And we want to always finish strong.


On day one of your warranty period, we’ll meet with you to collect and catalog all warranty information. We’ll spot- check your new building and promptly resolve any existing issues.

No stone goes unturned. Not even a pebble.

Then, for the next 11 months, our QA representatives will check-in with you on a regular basis. We’re BIG on follow-up, you see. Our goal is to anticipate any warranty needs that may arise.

Finally, near the end of the warranty period, your quality assurance manager will schedule a building walk-through with your facility manager to document any warranty items. We’ll be thorough, with a capital T. This is done to assure that all warranty work is completed prior to the warranty expiration.